Vom Herz Hundekinder GSD & Dachshund

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There will only be a few choice breeding's over several years to come, we are very active with our dogs in work, training and sport.

We breed to improve the breed and maintain our bloodlines by use of genetic health testing,work and conformation dog shows.

Our dogs are sold as working guard dogs, hunting dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, future breeding stock, and conformation or performance sport prospects. Sometimes we have a puppy that does not meet our needs and is sold as a pet.

  All pups go to approved homes only. We do NOT ship Pick up only.

Our dogs were carefully chosen based on their health, temperament, genetics and their compatibility to create a better breed. All of our dogs are socialized and trained; they carry a wonderful temperament and strong drives that will allow for a great working dog and make excellent additions to your family.

Our dogs and puppies are all in home raised with many people assisting in the training and socialization of the pups. We will only sale puppies to families with children if the puppy has done well in the socialization portion of its training.


We not only genetically test our own dogs however; much of our dog?s historic pedigrees is fully health tested lines and are clear of genetic disorders. Our dogs only receive law required vaccines to ensure betterment in health. All of our dogs are on a raw only diet and are never fed kibble or canned dog food. From the moment the pups are born they have a much better chance in life against MANY health problems and allergies. We encourage our new families to continue this to both improve the health and all around breed of your dog we also recommend excellent healthy kibble choices


Please visit our (Diet & Nutrition and Our dogs diet) page for more information on the raw diet and much more.

We offer lifetime breeder support to every new puppy owner and every puppy includes a genetic health gtd. We use the BIO SENSOR stimulation method, T touch massage and Volhard Aptitude test on every puppy. Take a look at the family and enjoy reading about these two great breeds. 

We are located in Central Pennsylvania and are happy to answer any questions you may have on diet or purchasing one of our puppies.

All our dogs and puppies are AKC registered  

we are proud members of


Western PA Dachshund Club